Hello :) Welcome to my store. My name is Irina. I design and do felted animal sculptures. I hope you'll enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

My name is Irina. I'm from Russia. Udmurtia is the city of Glazov. I am engaged in the manufacture of felt sculpture from the beginning of 2014. Being interested in arts from an early age, I graduated from an art school, and started a full time career of a fine art painter. When I came across a photo of a hand-made felted doll on the internet, I was instantly fascinated and started learning the craft. I love animals and strive to re-create their likeness using the most suitable techniques and best materials. All my works are unique and one of a kind. They are made in a smoke-free environment. I hope you'll enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!
During work I use high quality wool and threads of mohair. This means that the toy has a knitted basis. My methods include knitting and dry felting. The structure of the wire inside the doll allows you to move the paws to the kitten. The tail on the wire frame is completely mobile. Wool of various shades is uniquely intertwined, creating a realistic impression of natural animal hair. Hair can be combed carefully with a brush for animals. Hand-painted eyes. Claws are plastic.
The toys are designed and manufactured in accordance with the author's technology. I see photos of real animals, I do color sketches and try to repeat the shape and shades of a real animal. I choose the best materials for making dolls, which are extremely realistic.
To make a realistic sculpture, I need up to 25 working days.
If you have never bought a toy made of wool, please contact me before purchasing if you have any questions or doubts!
It is a felt toy, which differs significantly from a fur-sewed toy.
Dear ones, write, ask !!!!!
I quickly respond to all messages and orders, but please take into account the time difference between Russia and your country.
Almost all pets, I make for custom orders. But I also make babies in free sales.
Please contact me and do not hesitate to write and ask any questions that interest you.